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Long overdude Bayatas interview

Met this cool ass dude (Gabriel) through my friend Mia a couple months ago.  He told me about his band (Bayatas) and gave me the link to his bandcamp.  I took a listen to one of his first recordings (The Hand Effect) and instantly was drawn in by his summer vibes. I decided to ask him a few questions to get to know more about his project and these are the results:

p.s.  Check out his new track on bandcamp!

1.   How did your group, “Bayatas” come to life?

I got really focused on recording new things about a summer ago. “The Hand Effect” is actually a pretty old song, I started it and finished almost a year ago. And then I recorded about two songs a month after that until I had 8. I decided early this year to start showing them around on blogs. I’ve made different kinds of music under different names before, and all of that finally turned into Bayatas. I usually record by myself. Just recently I played with two good guys, my friends Cody and Jio, and thats been the only group so far. We played a lot of shows for one weekend.

2.   Where did the name “Bayatas” come from and what does it mean to you?

I was in a group during high school with two of my friends, Eddie and Weston. We only ever jammed but we recorded it on audacity every time we played together. One of the cuts we did, either Weston or Eddie decided to name it “Bayatas Maybe”. The music was this really green, harsh and primitive beat. It reminded us of the everglades. So when it came time to figure out a new name to work under, I kept remember that one jam. The name is ambiguous enough. It sounds very solid. All three of us still find a lot of inspiration in that first group we were in so going under Bayatas is a nice reminder of where I was. 

3.   How is it being a one man band? Do you see the band expanding?

I definitely enjoy playing with people a lot more. Its interesting in a more creative sense to be behind it all and I see myself playing on my own in the future. Doing it that way, though, you always have to be behind a big repetitive beat or something.  With others, there’s more fluidity and you can play off of each other. I had a great time playing with those two guys recently. When we would go into practice, it would be their first time hearing the music. I told them just to play as close to what they heard as possible, and to just be themselves. The songs were completely reinterpreted for a few performances which was great….Playing with others is always better. The only down side is that you can get lost in the “rock” which, if you’ve ever jammed with anyone, you know what I mean. 

4.   How did your first song come to life?  Where were you? What were you doing?…

Oh, I have no idea. I was in my room for sure. I was sitting on the floor. Almost without exception, I record everything in my room and on the floor. 

5.   What inspires you to make music and do you have a place of preference to make your music?

I’ve never had much of a choice as to where I record. When I was living Gainesville, there was always at least one empty room in the house I was living at so that I could set up a drum kit and record a lot of music. Otherwise, I record in my room. The vocals, everything. Its nerve racking at first but you start to ignore other people. But yeah, not much of a choice. I can’t make to much noise where I’m living now. Its one of the biggest reasons the bulk of my music is sampled. 

6.   Lets talk about your album covers…what do they mean to you and do they correlate with the titles?

When I find something to source for the covers, I usually don’t think too much about how it will look with the music. My taste are pretty narrow, when it comes to stuff I put out, so the artwork usually goes hand in hand with the music. Until recently, I’ve only been focusing on three colors—red, yellow, blue in design and painting. And until recently, all of the songs I’ve been making under Bayatas have had three sections. I try to use a lot of white space. I try to edit out everything that’s unnecessary. I was really kind of a sucker for De Stijl and read a lot on the Bauhaus when I was recording this batch of songs.  

7.   So i know you’re making the move to NYC soon, do you think this will change your sound in any way?

I have no idea what I’m going to do in New York. The amp I own is not a good apartment amp! Its too loud! I’m going to be very nervous recording guitar, let alone drums, for the first time. Some good things are going to happen in New York though. I look forward to work with a lot of good people while I’m there. We’re finally going to get a chance to really raise the crew up finally since we’ll be living in the same place. We’ll see how everything ends up.  New York can be a serious place.

8. Any special plans for the near future?…new album and or tracks, tour, shows?

If everything goes well, I should be pressing a few songs on vinyl soon. It’ll at least include  ”The Hand Effect” or “aa” or something so it’ll be cool to finally be putting some vinyl out. I’m playing the FMLY fest in Bushwick once I’m in New York. I have no idea what i’m going to do in that set yet so that’s something. I’m starting school again in the Fall. And I need to start working again, rent is going to be tough pretty soon.

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